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Open Inquiry

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*[Images and art sources: Cristian Boian, Diana Shams]

Open Inquiry

What role does self-realization play in the alleviation of conflict and unrest across the globe?

My mission is to illuminate what happens when people let go of identities created through social and cultural constructs and come to deeply connect with their own wholeness of being.
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image by Isabel Castaño

Open Call for Stories
Have you chosen to go through a process of inner and inter-personal transformation as an avenue to change the world?

I am collecting stories of individuals who have spent time in deep introspection resulting in self-realization and a redefining of their identities previously created through socio-cultural constructs. This personal transformation enabled them to let go of outward blame and take steps towards an experience and expression of inner freedom.

The stories are to broaden the scope of understanding across cultural identities related to it's various facets, including but not limited to race, religion, gender, socio-economic status, politics, and other areas where cultural tensions emerge.
COMPLETE THIS FORM to share your story, get involved, and/or nominate someone who is a change-generator after a fierce reckoning with self. 

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“The understanding of oneself is not a result, a culmination; it is seeing oneself from moment to moment in the mirror of relationship - one’s relationship to property, to things, to people and to ideas.” J.Krishnamurti

[Image source: Isabel Castano]