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*[Images and art sources: Cristian Boian, Diana Shams]


I’m continually seeking generative collaborations with conscious peers. 

My Work’s Focus
I work at the intersection of the self-realization journey, divisive social issues, and the unknown. I study how polarizing social topics trigger our internal work. And how change sourced from within is the most effective and lasting. I’m creating community and space for stories about change-generators on these journeys. I’m open and medium-agnostic.

How We Might Work Together
+I produce panels, present, or contribute as facilitator, panelist, or moderator for workshops, conferences, and/or podcasts.
+I partner in community building for one-time events or ongoing program.

Topics I Collaborate On 
+self-realization journey in the context of social issues
+consciousness & technology
+science & other experiments that make the unseen world visible
+exploring oppressor-victim dynamics
+intrapersonal tools for handling complex emotion
+consciousness & activism
+translating consciousness philosophy into everyday living

Recent Collaborations
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+Published Article: The Strong Hold of Our Self-Prejudices
+Produced & directed To Be Free
+Produced & directed Something to Give
+Produced & directed Let’s See Labs Impact Series
+Produced & directed Let’s See Labs 2019 Overview Reel
+Produced & directed When You Find Yourself You Can See Everybody Else
+Produced & directed The Identity of Being Human לפני הכל - בן אדם! الهوية الانسانيه
+Produced & directed Debb: A Journey in Realizing Wholeness
+Produced & directed Abundant Peace السلام الحقيقي רב שלום
+Produced & directed The Power of Movement
+Produced & directed film / facilitated forum: Sourcing Change From Within: The Role of Self-Realization in Societal Change
+Faculty at Nine Gates Mystery School
+Have been facilitating at Circling events, which foster profound moments of honest connection
+Served as a panelist at East Meets West conference speaking on consciousness and technology on behalf of Consciousness Hacking (CH)
+Crafted and conducted a workshop on nature, technology, and humanity for CH and Bioneers
+Executed an interactive installation ‘Let’s Drop in Together’ at Science & Nonduality Conference
+Co-created presentations for leaders and scientists at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)
+Designed and co-led a workshop at IONS on synchronicity and conscious organization design
+Wrote scripts and conducted interviews as part of video production team for Nine Gates Mystery School website

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