Through a combination of personal experience, relational dynamics, research, experimentation, and profound revelations, I’ve come to increasingly see how the world’s unrest is fueled by the unrest within us as individuals. 

This offers us a window to view how and where we can personally make a difference. 

Through community, not only do we realize our suffering is entangled, but also our liberation. And yet, we must as individuals show up to own our own liberation simultaneously. 

What does it look like to be sourcing cultural change from within?

photo by Aida Courtenay-Smith

I am the author of the book “You Are Us: How to Build Bridges in a Polarized World.” The 13 stories in the book are from the perspective of 13 people who are radically different but are also unified by having done the work of inner reckoning with their trauma, pain, and socialized identity. Through the vulnerable illumination of each story, we learn how inner work translates into liberated leadership that serves community, workplace, and ultimately societal transformation. We are also invited into a self-inquiry process, as an opportunity to illuminate our own unconscious patterns in the contexts of societal identities, and to catalyze our generative leadership potential in an increasingly polarized world.

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In addition, I am the founder of Let’s See Labs, a think tank that is the leading advocate for the radical notion that polarity is a creative engine in organizations. We recognize that our differences in identity are highly compatible, and can be a source of connection rather than conflict. Our generative methodology uses storytelling, authentic relating, and inductive growth-work to create teams who have been liberated to use polarities as a strategy to unleash unrivaled creative advantages.

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