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*[Images and art sources: Cristian Boian, Diana Shams]


Through a combination of personal experience, relational dynamics, research, experimentation, and profound revelations, I’ve come to increasingly see how the world’s unrest is fueled by the unrest within us as individuals. 

This offers us a window to view how and where we can personally make a difference. 

Through community, not only do we realize our suffering is entangled, but also our liberation. And yet, we must as individuals show up to own our own liberation simultaneously. 

What does it look like to be sourcing cultural change from within?

I am the founder, producer, and director at Let’s See Labs, an organization researching, experimenting, and discovering how self-realization impacts divisive social issues.

As a cultivator of community for culture leaders on a self-realization journey and a conduit for shining light upon their stories, Let’s See Labs brings them to life through film, live forums, and relational discovery platforms.

My creative storytelling is propelled by curiosity around what emerges at the interchange of self-realization, social issues, and the mystery of the unknown.

I’ve been working in communications and change for 10 years. My career began at pioneering healthcare data science company Iqvia (formerly Quintiles) where I collaborated at the executive level on people strategy and communications. Most of my work there involved program design and change management.

In 2015, I awoke to a call for a new career direction. Upon leaving the company, for two years I explored by doing commissioned projects, internships, and a self-designed, self-inquiry curriculum across continents and consciousness modalities. It became clear that my path is to apply my experience in communications and facilitating change to illuminate and activate paths to wholeness. 

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