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*[Images and art sources: Cristian Boian, Diana Shams]


Below are events where I cultivate community for leaders on the self-realization journey and collaborate with the conscious community.

Nov 28 to Dec 12, 2018  
Egypt Journey, Studying under Normandi Ellis and Deborah Jones
Normandi is an expert on Egyptian teachings, which bring a unique thread of wisdom in alignment with alchemy and transformation from within; Deborah is executive director of Nine Gates Mystery School.

By inivtation only at this time
a [generative] genius salon
A community that generates an emergence that supports your life’s work over a slow meal.

Jan 14, Berkeley, CA, 2019
Hosting Self-Realization Panel/Workshop
Listen to stories of individuals who have shifted from an outward blame-centered mentality and instead chosen to open to transformation from within as an avenue for change in the world. Throughout the diverse narratives, a common focus is revisited regarding HOW each individual pursues what they believe in, deals with unresolved internal pain, and grapples with their sense of identity and self-worth. The event was filmed. Check it out >

Palm Beach, FL 
Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Conference
150 thought-leaders from academics, industry, and government debate the most challenging current issues in the field of entrepreneurship and set the agenda for future research, education, and policy.

UNC-CH Alumni and Project Let’s See Labs
Israel and Jordan journey, immersion in understanding human transformation within context of Israeli/Palestinian tension.

Joshua Tree, CA, The Institute for Mental Physics 
Attending Faculty at Nine Gates Mystery School
An experiential immersion program bringing together master teachers from the Celtic, African, Native American, Spiritual Psychology, Sufi, esoteric Christian, Hindu, Sound Healing, Kabbalah, and Buddhist wisdom traditions to focus on embodiment of the human spirit. The interspiritual teachers and staff create a safe space of rediscovery.

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