Below are examples of events where I support leadership development that can build bridges in a polarized world and collaborate with conscious community.


Book Launch! You Are Us: How to Build Bridges in a Polarized World
Join the launch on Januray 24 >


Joining Consciousness Leadership Collective 
I’m joining the experts who are helping organizations to evolve meaningfully through conscious leadership. This is the first-of-its-kind collective.

Common Street + Let’s See Labs
Implemented full program of Liberated Leadership for a Polarized World within the community.

Global Housing Foundation + Let’s See Labs
Collaboration with Global Housing Foundation to generate a story for United Nations Day that showcases the new housing development for the Modoc Nation elders in Oklahoma.

North Carolina, USA + Virtual
Women’s Event- Harness the Power of Your Mind, Body, Spirit, and Community: Guest Speaker
Speaking at event, hosted by Tabitha Concepcion and Kimberley Palladino from Truist, to connect empowered women focusing on well-being. Joining Dr. Amishi Jha and other speakers to explore the neuroscience of focus, mindful incorporation of physical wellbeing and fitness, and sparking deeper levels of self-awareness.

East Coast, USA
Emergent Phenomenology Research Consortium, Film Interview 
Interview conversation with Dr. Daniel M. Ingram discussing the many aspects of the Emergent Phenomenology Research Consortium (EPRC) in depth and detail. 

Hybrid Virtual + Physical
Let’s See Labs + Mount Madonna Conference Center
Leadership program for self-awareness, empathy, cross-cultural competency. Helping support people and teams to build bridges in a polarized world.


Durham, NC, USA
Full Frame Film Festival, Selection Commitee
Served on the selection commitee for the review of films in upcoming 2022 festival.

Research Triangle Park, NC, USA
Let’s See Labs + ncIMPACT
Self-Awareness Workshop for Change Leaders through Film & Dialogue. 

Let’s See Labs + Eisenhower Fellowship Youth Leaders
Film & Dialogue Workshop exploring the relationship between self-realization and leadership through collective storytelling and sharing.

Sedona, Arizona, USA
Sedona International Film Festival
Let’s See Labs film, Something to Give, was selected to screen at the 2021 Sedona International Film Festival. Participation on Documentary Filmmaking Panel. Recorded interview︎

Let’s See Labs + Be The Peace: Storysharing, Film, & Collective Vulnerability Experiment
A self-reflective & participatory experience exploring self-realization through deep community interdependence and film screening. We are experimenting with a new virtual workshop format. By invite only at this time.

Let’s See Labs + North Carolina State Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fellowship
Hosting Storysharing Workshop with Social Innovation Fellows orbiting themes of Empathy, Cultural Competency, and Resiliency. This experience offers a container of collective vulnerability and self-realization ignited by two short Let’s See Labs films.


Durham, NC, USA
Full Frame Film Festival, Selection Commitee
Served on the selection commitee for the review of films in upcoming 2021 festival.

Global Impact Film Festival
Let’s See Labs film, Something to Give, screened at the Global Impact Film Festival. The festival is focused on how all films provoke and inspire social change. Award ︎︎︎ Best Director

Atlanta, GA, USA
Let’s See Labs + Hope Hyder
Storytelling project exploring intimate healing process of Hope Hyder as she reckons with the reality of her father’s murder. Production ︎︎︎ To Be Free

Ojai, CA, USA
Let’s See Labs + Byron Katie 
Storytelling project exploring subtleties and nuances of social programming. Production underway.

Berkeley, CA, USA
Film + Dialogue: Self-Realization + Social Issues through Storytelling with Let’s See Labs
An intimate evening of short film & dialogue, exploring what our stories elicit in each other. Production ︎︎︎ Let’s See Labs Impact Series

Natick, MA, USA
Let’s See Labs Project on Genocide Reconciliation
Hyppolite NtigurirwaCommonstreet Spiritual Center

Storytelling film project exploring healing, forgiveness, & accountability to halt the transmission of intergenerational hate in the context of genocide trauma. Production ︎︎︎ Something to Give 

Rwanda, East Africa
Let’s See Labs Project on Genocide Reconciliation
Storytelling film project exploring reconciliation through direct accounts from survivors and perpetrators involved in the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. Production continued in December.

Herefordshire, UK
Participant at Fire Kasina Meditation Retreat
Practice offers basis of deep concentration states, insight, and awakening.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Let’s See Labs + Roots
Storytelling film project of Shadi Abu Awwad’s journey.  Production ︎ The Identity of Being Human לפני הכל - בן אדם! الهوية الانسانيه

Pueblo, CO, USA
Let’s See Labs + Authentic Relating International + La Vista Correctional Facility
Storytelling film project within two-day workshop in authentic relating. Production ︎ Debb: A Journey in Realizing Wholeness

Let’s See Labs + Roots
Storytelling film project with Rav Hanan Schlesinger. Production ︎ ABUNDANT PEACE السلام الحقيقي רב שלום

Joshua Tree, CA, USA, The Institute for Mental Physics
Attending Faculty at Nine Gates Mystery School
An experiential immersion bringing together master teachers from the Celtic, African, Native American, Spiritual Psychology, Sufi, esoteric Christian, Hindu, Sound Healing, Kabbalah, and Buddhist wisdom traditions to focus on embodiment of the human spirit.

Berkeley, CA, USA
Hosting Self-Realization Forum
Sharing stories from people who have shifted from an outward blame-centered mentality and instead chosen to open to transformation from within as an avenue for change in the world.  Production ︎ Sourcing Change From Within: The Role of Self-Realization in Societal Change

Palm Beach, FL, USA
Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Conference
150 thought-leaders from academics, industry, and government debate the most challenging current issues in the field of entrepreneurship and set the agenda for future research, education, and policy.

Miami, FL, USA
Let’s See Labs + Movement for Movements
Storytelling film project with Quentin Robinson. Production ︎ The Power of Movement: Dance Propels a Journey of Self-Realization

Egypt Journey, Studying under Normandi Ellis and Deborah Jones
Normandi is an expert on Egyptian teachings, which bring a unique thread of wisdom in alignment with alchemy and transformation from within; Deborah is executive director of Nine Gates Mystery School.

By inivtation only at this time
a [generative] genius salon
A community that generates an emergence that supports your life’s work over a slow meal.

feeling into freedom